We at SIG, envision a safety culture to achieve an injury free workplace, to facilitate and empower employees to make continuous improvement aiming to establish us as the industry leader in Healthy, Safety and Environment. This will create value to our employees, clients and society at large and enhance overall business process.

Our policy is to:

Provide a safe and healthy work place for all our employees.
Line managers to demonstrate commitment to Health, Safety & Environment protection.
Make Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) a part of all business decisions.
Identify, assess and manage HSE risks and hazards involved prior to commencing all activities.
Comply with the applicable legal and other requirements of the country in which it operates and the customers whom it serves.
Strive to operate in a manner that minimizes HSE risk to our customers and stakeholders.

Establish improvement objectives, targets / limits at appropriate level, to continually improve our HSE performance by regular monitoring and review.
Use resources and energy efficiently and minimize waste and emissions. Reduce generation of wastes and ensure their disposal in a responsible manner.
Reduce and, wherever possible, prevent pollution from our activities.
Lead, train and motivate our employees and our sub-contractors to work in a safe and responsible manner.
Communicate openly with our employees, customers and the community on HSE matters.
Consult and seek contributions from our employees on issues that have the potential to affect the environment, their health and safety.
Provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, safe vehicles, tools, equipment, machinery and other resources and systems.
On every job, no matter how small, we take the time to perform our work safely and with proper regard for the environment.